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- Don’t be fooled by her bright appearance. A hero wilted, Jessica would be more than capable of showing you just how loud it would take to kill

Real name: Jessica Jung

Alignment: Formerly Heroes, Villains

Powers: Having lost her voice, Jessica can no longer use it for her abilities. However, over time, she has picked up a sharper sense for sound waves that she can manipulate. Her control over the sound waves is so precise that she is able to use them in a variety of ways only limited by her imagination. To her, sound waves are tangible weapons similar to bullets for a gun, except hers is an infinite source. Pitch and volume are easy things for her to control, giving her room to create glass-shattering shrieks.

With the sound waves, she is able to collect them to form solid objects ranging from shields for protection, to hammers for offense. Aside from weaponry, Jessica can also create platforms for reaching destinations, as well as simple objects for recreation. The sound waves can also be collected to form lots of miniature bursts of force, to a massive concussive blast capable of crushing steel. 

As long as there is noise, she is a fighter on her own. However, if needed, she can also absorb the noise in the area, rendering it completely silent. This would be dangerous for her since she would no longer have any sound to fight with. So, instead, she would rather use it to sap the sound of her footsteps for the enemy would not hear her advance. 

The real reason she is so valuable however, is her ability to track down human’s with superhuman signature’s. With this, she can tack her target for miles, just by following their signature. It appears to her as a vibrant line similar to a thread that connects her to her target. Because of this, retrieving her back is top priority.

Bio: Jessica was a simple lounge singer that longed for a day she could stand on stage in front of cheering fans. She worked hard at her job, performing at odd places just to get her name out. It was tough, but she would not let this dream go. Some time later, she would be involved in an accident that took her voice away from her, her dreams no longer a possibility. The accident would wake her abilities, but it mattered not to her. Her whole life was now but a memory.

Her powers attracted the attention of a Hero in training by the name of Tiffany Hwang, and they became close. Tiffany did all she could to help Jessica and make her feel better, trying to show a new life for her. They eventually became inseparable, doing everything together as best friends would. But inside, Jessica was still hurting. She was depressed. It was this vulnerability that CL would soon take advantage of. A dark day would be seen when CL would find Jessica and break her spirit, cleaning her mind till there was nothing but anger left. Anger for her loss. Anger for what should have been hers.

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