ted’s toast - how it should have ended

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how it should have ended

how i met your mother    ted mosby    the mother    tracy mcconnell    last forever    au    mygifs    *shakes fist at sky*    himym    i didn't have enough room or footage but the mother was the one who gave him the pineapple    XD    au meme    au: himym    

Swarkles + babies ever after

how i met your mother    barney stinson    robin scherbatsky    swarkles    barney x robin    himym    mygifs    au meme    au: himym    

HANNIBAL/CAMELOT CROSSOVER - The knights return home after a successful conquest led by Arthur. Arriving back in Camelot, Tristan and Galahad notice a woman who is constantly watching them.


"She’s the Queen’s lady-in-waiting. Best stay clear of her. I hear she has quite a way with spreading rumors about the men in court. A few heads have rolled. Literally."

"I suppose she’s under the Queen’s protection regarding any damage she’s done?"

“I would expect so.”

"Tasteless, absolutely tasteless."

hannibal    freddie lounds    will graham    mads mikkelsen    camelot    king arthur    au meme    au: hannibal    mygifs    okay so technically they're in the same story    the arthurian legend of knights of the round table    but king arthur isn't set in camelot and it feels like a different era    also i don't quite understand why tristan dresses and fights like a mongol    on the other hand i'm not even gonna get started on camelot    these two adaptations are pretty far from the traditional legends    anyway    i tried very hard to avoid any romantic subtext    pretty much in this universe they hate her too    xd    

HANNIBAL AU - Hannibal as a period drama.

hannibal    au meme    hannibal lecter    will graham    alana bloom    mygifs    au: hannibal    this took me all day    i did my best considering all 3 of them are from completely different cultures    despite the glory of available period films    i tried to find good laurence fishburne stuff but the only period thing he did that i knew about was othello    and he looked way too different in it    i fucking hit the jackpot with freddie and had to put her in    as a bonus    i was gonna write a summary but i'm pretty sure someone else could do a better job    i almost wrote something like 'you've been terribly rude lady lounds' and i was like 'lmao freddie as a lady?'    XD    this was fun to make and i am very happy with it and what it will inspire    


"Those who follow the path of the righteous shall have their reward"

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“And must my name until I die be no more than an alibi?”

les miserables    jean valjean    valjean    hugh jackman    les mis    mygifs    au meme    au: les mis    au: les mis re    

Love can’t conquer anything
If it’s lost without a trace
You might be tough, you might even be strong
But not when you’re in this place

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SHERLOCK AU - One year since his supposed death, Sherlock discovers Irene Adler’s whereabouts for the first time since their meeting in Karachi. Though his unexpected appearance sends her into a panic, Sherlock manages to chase her down again.

"You being here isn’t very good for me.”

"I’ve been working to dismantle Moriarty’s network for almost a year now. It’s a slow and carefully executed process." 

“So that’s why you faked your death. But I don’t understand why you’re here.”

"Serbia is the last branch I need taken care of. I assumed Montenegro would be a good and convenient place as any to polish up my Serbian before I embark on the final mission."

"No, Mr Holmes. Why are you here in front of me?”

sherlock    sherlock holmes    irene adler    adlock    au meme    au: sherlock    mygifs    SERBIA? COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT    

SHERLOCK AU - Sherlock sneaks Irene Adler into John’s wedding party.

"You should at least stay for a dance, Sherlock."

"There are others things I’d much rather be doing."

"Like what?"

"For one, keeping you from stealing John and Mary’s honeymoon trip."

"Oh, but it’s Barbados! We could go together."


sherlock    sherlock holmes    irene adler    adlock    au meme    au: sherlock    mygifs