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That one time Donald tried to run House of Mouse without Mickey.

You seem to have changed these days
You’ve been putting on a lot of makeup when you used to not put on any
And you’ve been going out to clubs when you used to not go at all
It keeps bothering me
I tried to just laugh it off
But I can’t

I knew this would happen
When you said you were going to meet that guy
Why didn’t I stop you
I knew this would happen

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Fanaccount of Sydney Kpop Music Festival Part 2

~Part 1~

Special performance, Halo - Jo Kwon, Changmin, Gayoon and Hyorin

The place suddenly goes quiet and then Halo starts playing, the four of them appear in the centre of the stage in white. Their voices were heavenly and their English was so good, Hyorin’s long notes were amazing. Gayoon is really beautiful in real life. ^_^

B2ST - Shock, Fiction, Beautiful

Oh God, when Beast came out, the whole stadium literally exploded. They did a super amazing dance intro and I ended up five feet further up towards the stage than I was before. I was surrounded by FANBOYS. Seriously, I thought the place would be full of fanboys for SNSD or whatever, but they were all singing along to Beast. I think Beast had hands-down the biggest cheers.

Damn, and the boys are HOT in real life. Doojoon… OMG pictures and videos don’t do him justice, he is soooooooo handsome. *v* Yoseob is really good-looking too, actually all of them made me speechless, they’re like dolls. Such perfect hair and… everything. The whole time Junhyung didn’t take off his sunglasses, but his face is really sculpted. Their performance was definitely the most fun, I think they were the only group when the crowd sang along the whole time. Damn security guards kept getting in the way.

SNSD - The Boys, Kissing You, Gee

Well, I expected it but the cheering did go down a notch from the Beast performance, but it was loud nonetheless. Sones may kill me, but the only one who caught my eye was Taeyeon. XD Maybe because I’m not a fan, or maybe I was expecting their beauty to blow me away. XD Anyway, so they started it off with The Boys and the crowd really liked it. Then they had a little talk and Jessica spoke English, her accent was a little differenht from Tiffany’s for some reason. Anyway, then they started singing Kissing You and me and my friends were like “What is this?” XD Why this song? XD So they started prancing around the stage and throwing out roses to the crowd. When they were about to finish, Gee stated immediately and the stadium went wild. XD It was kinda weird seeing them do Gee in their fierce The Boys outfits. XD

Special Performance - CN Blue, GO, Yoseob

They did a rock song together, I still don’t know what it was called but it was the same one CN Blue did with Onew last year at one of the Gayo Daejuns. I’m telling you, Yonghwa KNOWS how to work the crowd. There were alot of explosions too, appropriate for the rock song feel. It was the first sighting of CN Blue for the night and they looked exactly like they do in the posters. X3 Jungshin still has his long hair! XD

4Minute - Mirror Mirror, Muzik, Hot Issue

Yuri and Tiffany came out again to talk a bit then introduced 4Minute’s act. Their intro was amazing with the Mirror Mirror backup dancers, but the crowd went quiet a little after the last few acts. The girls were in red and WOW, Hyuna’s shorts were SHORT. She was dancing and her legs were almost shining. @.@ Her sexy wave in real life is a bit overload for me, though I was disappointed they didn’t take it to the floor. XD

After they finished, they had a dance break, and then whole time I was trying to figure out what song they were doing next. LOL. But it was still Mirror Mirror, Gayoon’s long notes were really good. Then they introduced themselves “Uri neun 4Minute! Annyeonghaseyo!” followed by “We are 4Minute! Hello!” XD LOL I felt it was so awkward… They spoke in Korean and a girl translated for them… or maybe it was Tiffany, I have no clue. Their next song was Muzik and they wrapped it up with Hot Issue. It was good and squeaky as it should’ve been.

MBLAQ - Y, Oh Yeah, Mona Lisa

Seeing MBLAQ, like Beast, made me realize how hot the members are. Seungho was…….perfect. ;v; His hair, his face… OMG. Chundoong was really handsome and cute, I can actually see his appeal now. XD Mir really turned on the charisma for his rapping, so handsome~ and Joon got the biggest cheers, there was a moment when his microphone was sticking out but he kept it smooth. XD So cute. After that, Chundoong spoke in English and he is just so adorable for words. He introduced all the members “in a cool way”. Joon turned on his aegyo and got lots of screams. XD

CN Blue - I’m a Loner, Imagination, Love

Again, Yonghwa worked the crowd. He got them to sing along and everything. XD They were the only band so they didn’t really do much, but they walked out on further onto the stage (I think they left Minhyuk behind though XD), I saw Jungshin’s magnificent mane up-close. XD I think the crowd was a bit tired at this point but Yonghwa still managed to hype them up, it was awesome. X3

4Minute, Miss A - Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Okay, so at this point I wasn’t really paying much attentioin because I was pissed my camera battery ran out so that meant I couldn’t record Kara, which I should have freakin’ saved for the whole time. >.> But I did watch a bit and yes, it was a very sexy performance. People are going to love it when they see it on TV.

Oh, speaking of which. A camera parked itself directly in front of me for about a minute so I think I might be on TV too. XD

Kara - Step, Mister, Lupin

OMG, finally! XD I was so excited for them, and the room exploded again!! Their bodies were really FIT, especially Nicole who was dressed in her outfit, but it was black and white which showed off her curves alot more. XP Seungyeon was BEAUTIFUL, I think it was because of her makeup being so perfect that she was 20 times more beautiful than in any video or picture or whatever! She was so beautiful!! ;~; Gyuri looked awesome too, she was exactly like a model out of a magazine, seriously seeing her in real life and the fact that her hair didn’t fly the wrong way and her Goddess stare made it feel almost surreal. @.@ I wasn’t paying much attention to Hara because she looked exactly like on TV with her fluffy black hair, and Jiyoung’s Shanghai Romance haircut made her so cute. X3

They finished Step and started Mister, and another explosion of cheers. The butt dance in real life… I don’t have words to describe it. XD The camera was on Seungyeon alot, and I’ve said it before, but she looked SO GOOD!! ;~;

Nicole spoke English! X3 She was soooooooo adorable, some of the girls beside me were gushing about how cute she was. They finished off with Lupin and when they got to the closeup of Gyuri during her long note I was laughing. XD Goddess was working it!

TVXQ - Maximum, Before You Go, KYHD

They obviously saved the best for last. Yunho came out and did a dance sequence, OMFG he is so handsome~ He started performing Maximum by himself and I was really starting to wonder where Changmin was, before he made his entrance and the room exploded. These boys… godly if I had to use a word to describe how good-looking they were. *Q* When they finished they introduced themselves in Korean and I was really hoping to hear them speak English but they didn’t. There were alot of HoMin moments for KYHD as usual, they were flawless the whole way.

Ending - Arirang

After it finished, all the artists came out on stage in the order they performed in except SNSD who came out last after TVXQ. This meant Shinee came out first and I kept an eye on them. Taemin stuck close to Onew while Jjong had his hands behind his back as per usual. There was a 2Min moment I spotted when Minho laughed and poked at Taemin’s arm. I dunno if what I saw was legit, but when Kara were called, Key glanced over at them as they came out. X3 The girls waved and it was so cute when they didn’t know which side of the stage to go to. XP They walked around the stage and sang Arirang, they threw out these colourful plastic balls to the crowd and the girl next to me caught a yellow one. I think that was the only moment I saw some legit fangirling during the whole time, but everyone else was side-eyeing her when she started going hysterical and “OPPA~~~~” XD Kara stuck close together so there weren’t any ShinRa interactions that I saw, but they were with a few SNSD members by the end of it.

Then it ended, they all went back inside and we all made our way out. XD

Overall, I really enjoyed the concert. Security was a bitch when we came too close, but c’mon, they didn’t actually give us any verbal instructions and just maneuovered us back behind the line. I think this one guard had it in for me and kept pacing in front of my camera. LOL.

So that was all I had to say. XD They’re going to air it on December 3rd so you’ll all get a better version of what I’ve just vaguely outlined. I’m satisfied though! XD It was a fun night! XP

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- A gift sent from the heavens he was told, an ordinary man given an extraordinary life”

Real name: Son Dongwoon

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Dongwoon has been gifted with a unique superpower one might think was heaven sent if they didn’t know otherwise. He is able to grow a pair of full-grown avian wings at anytime he wants, only with a bit of concentration and thought on his part. Fully feathered in white similar to a bird, his wings span for fifteen feet from wingtip to wingtip. An odd thing about his power is that the wings are part of his natural state, his wingless form being one he has to maintain constantly. There is no distinguishing pain from Dongwoon when he releases his wings, more like a bit of relief.

The wings manifest from his shoulders fully flexed, draped in white light that slips off the feathers like water. When they are released, they pierce any clothing he is wearing, leaving two giant holes in the back where they would be at. His wings are still affected by his current surroundings, ie. if he were to release them in a tight space, his wings would be cramped and pushed together. That wouldn’t be a problem to him pain-wise, since his wings have an incredibly flexible skeletal system, meaning they can be contorted to a very small shape and still retain their usefulness when spread. When he is ready to rid of his wings, he simply concentrates, the wings shattering into a cloud of feathers that evaporate after a few seconds.

Dongwoon is capable of flying above the ground by simply flapping his wings similar to how a bird would. His wings have enough strength to lift himself and a decent amount of additional weight that might be added. When well-rested and at top physical performance, Dongwoon is capable of crossing over oceans in the span of a few hours, reaching his destination far easier than when done with regular transportation. When he pushes himself while flying, he would be able to cross over in the span of a few minutes, achieving speeds faster than that of any plane. This can also be applied to urban cities as well as mountainous terrain. 

Because his flight is pretty much a natural part of his life, Dongwoon’s body has been adapted to help with the strains of flying. His bones are hollow inside, making his weight less than that of an average man. His eyes are able to withstand the pressure of wind batting away at them when flying at high speeds. His respiratory system has adapted to help him breath better when flying at high altitudes, as well as his lungs have better capabilities for giving him oxygen. It is unknown the maximum amount of height he can reach without straining himself, as well as the fastest speed he can actually reach. This uncertainty comes from a lack of information on Dongwoon’s flight capabilities, as well the factors of the environment. 

Bio: Dongwoon was born in a relatively small close-knit community, the news of war having no real effect on their day to day activities. The town was barely a blip on the map, too small and unnoticeable for anyone to actually give enough care for them. It was nice this way though; the townsfolk were able to live in peace and quiet without any attractions bringing the tourists to disturb them. Dongwoon grew up in this peacefulness; his parents were kind and loving, molding him into the person he would be known as today. Throughout his childhood, there was an odd feeling in his shoulders that he wondered about, a feeling that would be given an answer soon.

Dongwoon was a bit of an adventurer as a kid, always having a fascination with the open skies that extended far out of the town. Bright blue in the sky stretched for miles, the vast space made Dongwoon want to see the world from up there, to see the sights from the eyes of a bird. Everyday, Dongwoon would pile on objects just to see if he could grab the clouds, each day making the pile higher and higher. The other kids would help him build his tower higher, a tower that they wanted to reach the heavens with.

When he reached his early teen years, the tower was at a bit of a dangerous height, with Dongwoon at the very top of it all. Way up at the top, he felt like he could jump up and soar through the skies, not a care in the world. The wind seemed to not be fond of his plans, and made a deadly attempt at Dongwoon’s life. With a strong gust of wind blowing into the tower, it started to crumble down, Dongwoon being knocked off by the impact. Falling down, Dongwoon felt free, the rush of wind making it seem like he was flying. Closing his eyes, he flew, just like the birds he watched everyday.

His fall felt like forever, as if he was flying for an eternity. He opened his eyes slowly to see that he sort of floating above the other children, all of whom were slack-jawed with surprise. Dongwoon was confused at their behavior, only realizing what they were looking at when he looked back. His back had somehow sprouted wings during his trip down, as if it was his body’s way of keeping him alive. He floated down to the ground, and for a moment, was a bit apprehensive from saying anything to the other kids. 

When he went to open his mouth, the other children started to yell and shout, cheers he could pick out. That surprised him, that they were so quick to accept something a bit for their city. They wanted to touch his wings, to feel if they were real and actually had feathers. Bombarded with questions, Dongwoon noticed his parents standing behind the crowd of children. He frowned, and walked to them, afraid they were going to be mad for what he did. When he reached the edge of the crowd, his parents quickly pulled him in for a hug. The hug was so tight, Dongwoon felt like his new found wings were going to break from the pressure.

His mother explained how she was so worried when she heard that he had fell from such a great height, afraid he didn’t make it. Dongwoon apologized for what he had done, or rather he tried to. He could barely make a sound through all the hugging he was going through. When they finally let go, they were a bit curious about the wings Dongwoon had grown. Looking around, it seemed as if the entire town had come out to see what had happened. Maybe of them were also curious about the wing as well.

One of the adults, a short aged man, started to tell them that Dongwoon’s wings were a gift from God. The other adults broke out in whispers, all of curiosity and fascination. Dongwoon felt a little wary of it all, so his parents took him back home to escape the commotion. It took a few days to get used to the new wings, Dongwoon having a bit of trouble with his morning routine with his wings bumping into the medicine cabinet or knocking his bowl of cereal to the floor. It was tedious, but eventually the wings secured their spots in his life.

For a while, religious folk kept coming to his home, asking if he had any wisdom or knowledge about his wings and if they were connected to his faith or lack of one. He remained respectful when answering these questions, not minding their curiosity. It wasn’t everyday that the next door neighbor’s kid had a pair of wings sprouting out of his back. Through a bit of self-training, Dongwoon learned how to make his wings disappear for a while, as well as using them to actually fly to places. Despite the addition of a not-so-normal factor, Dongwoon’s life was being lived pretty normally.

That is, until a few years later he would meet perhaps the strangest man on the planet. Calling himself a faithful follower of God, the man named Choi Siwon was definitely an extreme case if Dongwoon ever saw one. He appeared on Dongwoon’s apartment door out of the blue, bible in hand and a giant smile on his face. When Dongwoon tried to ask him why he was here, Siwon immediately began asking questions of whether or not Dongwoon was an actual angel from heaven. He was surprised; Siwon was definitely a whole different story when compared to some of the other religious folk from the past.

A religious nut in Dongwoon’s eyes, Siwon started to display some odd behavior around Dongwoon. For a while, Siwon would always appear at his door everyday, trying his hardest to recruit him for what seemed like a superhero business. When Dongwoon would decline, Siwon would insist, explaining to him how his wings were heaven sent and a sign from the Lord himself. Dongwoon made his choice firm, and thought that that would be the end of it all. It wasn’t.

Soon after, Siwon started to appear at the places Dongwoon would visit: the supermarket, the video arcade, even the men’s bathroom, all in attempts of getting Dongwoon to sign with the Heroes. Siwon would even follow Dongwoon back to his apartment, reiterating over and over how Dongwoon was an angel and a sign for Siwon that his faith was sound. It started to drive Dongwoon nuts, and soon he started to get scared. Scared of the possibility of Siwon being just around the corner, bible in hand, a wide grin on his face. 

Siwon. XD He would!!

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an edit of Dongwoon x Nicole
| request by: goosain-bolt

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Kpop Fairytale Concepts

Davichi - Time, Please Stop » Snow White

B2ST - Fiction » Beauty and the Beast

4Minute - Mirror Mirror » Snow White

KARA - Step » The Little Mermaid

SHINee - Juliette » Cinderella

U-Kiss - Neverland » Peter Pan