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[FF overview] Cold Tears

This story is in the works, but I won’t post it until I finish it with a solid 5 chapters, and that might take a while. XD Anyway, this is one of my simpler stories because it strictly follows one storyline with only 2 main characters.

This idea came to me after Lucifer’s concept photos came out. At this point people were still trying to figure out if Lucifer was referring to The Light Keeper or Satan. Since Lupin’s concept was Stealer, with stealing biblically being a sin, I came up with this after much development. I wanted to try an idea with Taemin’s badass image during Lucifer, which turned out to not be as deep as I was hoping. :P

GENRE: Action/Adventure, Angst, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

RATING: PG-15 for violence




LEE TAEMIN was the son of a nobleman during the Joseon Dynasty, who grew up in a wealthy household where he had everything he needed. However, one night he watches helplessly as his older sister Jiyeon and her fiancé Yunho are brutally murdered after a deal with a witch to save Jiyeon’s life goes terribly wrong. Taemin is then killed as punishment for what he witnessed, a curse put on his soul that sends him straight to the Realms of Hell where he is to suffer for all eternity. At first a young, innocent and naive boy, as he is forced to survive in the underworld, Taemin becomes a cynical and cruel killer who takes sympathy on nothing, as he knows nothing deserves to be sympathized in Hell, becoming immune from showing emotion and pain. Despite being banished by the curse, he keeps his human form, a misinterpretation that he had done a great evil during his life to be able to retain his beauty and is feared throughout the realm. Taemin lives with self-loathing and guilt for his past, even coming to accept the fact that he deserves to be in Hell for not saving Jiyeon and Yunho. He speaks in a distinctive Joseon dialect, something Jiyoung takes note of.

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[FF overview] Lines in the Sand

This is the love rectangle fanfic I was brainstorming about. It took so long to work out because it’s pretty much a WEB since there are 4 people involved. The story consists and surrounds 4 characters and I originally used the American film Closer to help inspire me for the storyline, but that story was only half as complicated. What we’re having here is a 4-way love rectangle which has both het and slash couplings, so EVERYONE is paired up, which means the lovelines are MinRa, TaeRa, JiHo, 2Min, JiRa and JiMin, as well as the jealousy lines that go straight back. I really love this idea because the concept is that love is formless and has no boundaries, but consequently jealousy also must be involved. So the story is of 4 characters in love with each other, as well as being jealous of each other for another character, who they also love, having feelings for them and vice versa. Confusing? XD I’ll try to break it down for you. XD


GENRE: Romance, Drama, Angst




CHOI MINHO was Hara’s high school sweetheart but broke up with her after she rejects his propose, moving out of town. He starts a relationship with Taemin, who lives as his roommate, but sparks fly between Minho and Hara again when they run into each other years later, causing Taemin and Hara’s friend Jiyoung to be extremely jealous. Their romance rekindles and they bond over their lost years. Minho is a renowned photographer who is introduced as a new lecturer at Jiyoung’s arts college, and he takes this chance to keep watch on her and her relationship with Taemin.

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[FF overview] PRIDE and ROMANCE

I am still trying to think up a better title for this story, but to no valid. Throw in some suggestions if you have any.

GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Friendship




Cho Kyuhyun, 26:
Originally having entered college with a dream to become a world-renowned photographer, he is devastated after Seungyeon, his highschool sweetheart, rejects his proposal, saying that they were too young to get married. To save his pride, Kyuhyun announces he would travel the world as a photographer, leaving Seoul for 5 years, their relationship inevitably deteriorating. When he returns, many things have changed but Kyuhyun is unaware of exactly what. Still holding a grudge over the separation, Kyuhyun takes amusement in poking at Seungyeon’s ego after they mutually agree to not reveal their past to Seungyeon’s friends.

Han Seungyeon, 26: An aspiring model, she gave up her dream after Kyuhyun left to pursue a coffee shop with her 3 friends Gyuri, Yoobin and Uee. Though having been the one to agree to a long distance relationship, Seungyeon ultimately found it too difficult and frustrating, but lies to Kyuhyun that she had instead met someone else to save her pride. 5 years later to her dismay, Kyuhyun returns. Although they agree to keep the past in the past, neither of them know the full story and are still bitter about it, taking every opportunity they can to provoke irritation in the other.

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[FF overview] Princess of Heart

Prepare for ALOT of spoilers in this overview, because pretty much all that’s written is like half the prologue. This story contains alot of politics, it’s the first time I’ve tried this kind of plot.

I came up with this story when I shipped WooRa (Wooyoung/Hara), so please don’t tell me to turn it into a MinRa because I won’t, and you’ll know why!!

Link to story HERE.

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Politics, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

RATING: PG-13 for violence.



JANG WOOYOUNG, former Captain of Royal Goo Army. He is the son of former General Jang and Lady Jang. He grew up to become a soldier under the House of Goo and is a childhood friend of Princess Hara, who he later falls in love with. However, as the two states of Korea are at war, he willingly gives up Hara in order for her to marry Prince Minho to end the friction. The night before her wedding, Hara brings him to meet a sorceress to cast a spell to seal their love. But things go terribly wrong when the relationship is discovered by Minho, and Wooyoung is then framed for attempted murder on King Choi, put to death and ultimately destroying any chances of peace between the two states. However, the spell brings Wooyoung back to life, but he returns too late to discover the Goo kingdom completely destroyed by the Choi army and the royal family slaughtered, including Hara. Wooyoung then makes a deal with the Sorceress, agreeing to erase his entire existence from everyone’s memories in exchange for their lives, to never return again or else history will repeat itself and everyone who died will die again. Time is reversed and Hara marries Minho to unite the kingdoms. Wooyoung leaves and lives aimlessly as a mercenary for the next three years, but soon he finds himself back in Hara’s world. She has changed, no longer the mature young woman but instead the spoiled young girl who he first encountered as a child, much to his amusement. As time passes, he finds himself falling in love with her again.

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I originally planned this as a fanfic but I’ve decided to turn it into an original story. As soon as I finish writing this, I’ve talked to my teachers about sending it into a publicist and hopefully it can get published into a book. XP Since it’s not a fanfic anymore, I’ve decided to give English names to the characters. It took a while to figure out some good names while still staying true to the idols I used, especially Taemin.

Many other idols are in the story, but in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it roles. I still came up with English names for them though. You’d recognize right away who they are when you see them.

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Comedy




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[FF overview] The Housemaid

The Kpop version of 2010 Cannes Film Festival entry The Housemaid, starring Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Jungjae and Seo Woo.

GENRE:  Drama, Angst, Revenge, Pyschological Thriller

RATING: R for adult themes




Jiyoung: The pure-hearted housemaid who comes to work for a rich family and care for their young son. She is seduced by Minho, leading to a doomed affair where the cruel superiority of the upper-class will drive her to her psychological limit.

Minho: The playboy businessman who is always traveling abroad and is rarely home. While Hara rests during her pregnancy, he takes advantage of Jiyoung’s naive presence and begins an affair with her.

Minho’s socialite wife who is pregnant with twins. She hires Jiyoung to take care of the household and to later look after her children. After discovering the affair, she and her sister-in-law Soonkyu set out to destroy Jiyoung.

Minho’s older sister. Cunning and manipulative, she will stop at nothing to uphold her family’s reputation. She takes advantage of Hara’s insecurity and convinces her to eliminate all traces of threat no matter how ruthlessly.

The housekeeper who has worked for Hara’s family since she was a teenager. She takes Jiyoung under her wing, but is unsettled after catching her with Minho, knowing the inevitable destruction to come.

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FF Overview

A new feat: I will give the rundown on stories that are planned but have yet to be written.





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